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ellegante's Journal

we've lost romance.

gaspard ulliel is my soulmate
formerly prettytwilight
6 minutes with you, bad french with sally, bloc party, capslock, cereal for breakfast, chapstick, daily_gaspard, death cab for cutie, dint dint in-the-car, disneyland, driving, emily browning, epic d-g posts, epic_love, fan fiction, fashion, fitzwilliam darcy, gaspard ulliel, gaspard-gasms, get off that cake!!!!!!, gossip girls, heroes, hoseph adam jonas, i think i made-you-up-inside-my-head, idk my bff alicecullen, ironside, jason dohring, jearsing, joe's hot thunder thighs, kate nash, kaye fierch, keira knightley, kevin touched me~~!!!!!!, keyboard!smash, kristen bell, lily allen, logan echolls, lomography, macbook, marie antoinette, mog?, mr. darcy, nous sommes la merde, o(m)bama ftw, patti-bigfonts, peter pan, photography, piano, pirates of the caribbean, polaroids, pretending i have money, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, r2f, reading, roiben, snow patrol, summer skin, sushi, taking hobbits to isengard, that damn trent ford, the tudors, thrift stores, tithe, unda my umbrella bella, veronica mars, writing, yann tiersen